Communist Party of Norway Issue 3

Communist Party of Norway – Threats to peace in the Nordic Region

Imperialism threatens peace in Nordic countries.

Imperialism is the highest and final historical stage of capitalism. Under imperialism, the internal contradictions of capitalism are intensified, and the scrabble for markets and natural resources is elevated, which can evolve into imperialist wars.

Greatest of all is the threat of nuclear war. If nuclear weapons are used, it will have fatal consequences for people, animals and nature. The risk of atomic detonations is real. New types of atomic weapons are deployed, disarmament treaties are abandoned, and the danger of cyber attacks on nuclear weapon infrastructure is present.

Imperialism is the greed of a small group of people who persist in the hunt for accumulation of money and profits. This small group of people recklessly exploit and profit on the lives of the working majority, the working class. Imperialism hunts and destroys the planet’s valuable resources while constantly moving towards a new crisis. The result of these crises is an increasingly unsafe and uncertain existence, with low income, lay-offs, unemployment, weak domestic economy, poverty, starvation and human tragedy.

The result of these conditions is an increase in right wing extremism, polarisation and terrorism. The Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) assesses the threat level to 3 out of 5 possible levels. These forces must be defeated.

Back to imperialism. International tensions between the superpowers USA, China, Russia and the EU are increasing, and this increased global threat level also affects the nordic territories. Trump wanted to buy Greenland, as in colonial times. Russia is building nuclear powered icebreakers which will revolutionize Arctic naval traffic, so that also Chinese freighters, filled with equipment for wind turbines and railways, can reduce the distance to the world market by one third, throughout the year. 2020 saw a record number of Russian freighters filled with oil, gas and minerals moving through the North-East passage. China’s establishment of the new Silk Road to European markets is already well under way. Most wars are triggered by a conflict of interest.

So what does the bourgeois government of Norway do? They are obedient to our Nato allies, and draw Norway into active participation in the super power rivalry between USA/EU and Russia. They increase the American military presence in Norway. They will not sign the UN nuclear ban treaty, which was adopted with the support of 122 countries in 2017. A new Norwegian defense plan increases the size of the military. Allied nuclear submarines are allowed entry, which puts the population at risk. New surveillance aircraft will arrive in 2022, and new helicopters are delivered in 2024. 190 billion NOK will be spent on war supplies through the next eight years Another 400 million NOK are budgeted for defense expansion this year. Norwegians with ties to another country (such as Russia and others) are no longer allowed to do military service, and are considered a security risk. American soldiers and major military exercises on Norwegian soil during peacetime are welcomed. The US Air Force and their military aircraft are allowed to use the landing strip on Jan Mayen in 2020, and flyovers across Norway and Sweden are escorted by our countries’ fighter planes. American bombers with long-range cruise missiles are, for the first time in history, allowed to be stationed at Norwegian air bases in february 2021, along with 200 soldiers, as an act of deterrence. To compensate the Northern population for their inconvenience, the government published a resolution on the northern region before Christmas, which was put down by the opposition due to empty words with no intention of any real action that improves the living conditions of the region.

Several defence documents are classified for politicians in Parliament. Russia answers with a military exercise in international waters outside the Norwegian coast. USA-NATO, along with Norway, have entered a new cold war with Russia. Russia is obviously sceptical and negative to this increased NATO presence in Norway. The Russians will make efforts to defend the safety of their country and the entire region. This evil circle deteriorates trust and hurts the neighbour relations between Norway and Russia. An ice front between the EU and Russia, where the EU is threatening to introduce more sanctions, is not helping.

Comrades, this is anything but a contribution to peace and stability in the Nordic countries and the world. On the contrary. This is an unacceptable provocation and a dangerous development in the wrong direction. Nobody except the Communist Party of Norway is talking about disarmament today. NKP can not accept military rearmament imperialistic purposes. Nuclear weapons must be prohibited and removed from the planet. NKP will continue to criticise the crudeness of imperialism. The more we allow USA-NATO to extend their presence in Norway, the more we risk that Norway ends up as a battleground for the USA and Russia. The emissions caused by military production and activity must be reduced. Norway must leave the EEC and NATO. Strengthen cooperation between people across borders. The corona pandemic has shown us the necessity of international cooperation when facing great global threats, with no room for unequal distribution and patents. Forward for socialism!